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 Me on Dean Bridge 

Hi, I'm Robbie and welcome to my Historical Adventures in Edinburgh. I'm a Student studying in Edinburgh and love its history. Join me in exploring Edinburgh's history, sharing historical tours you can take and checking out Edinburgh's historical links to Hollywood!



Edinburgh began as a fort on Castle Rock. In the 7th century, the English captured it named it Eiden’s burgh.  In the 10th century, the Scots re-captured and in the 11th century, King Malcolm III built a castle on Castle Rock and a small town grew up nearby. By the early 12th century Edinburgh was a flourishing community. 

Medieval Edinburgh was famous for making wool cloth. Cattle and sheep were sold at a market in Cowgate. They were then butchered in the town. 

In 1329 Edinburgh was given a charter, and by the 15th century, it was Scotland’s capital. By 1500 Edinburgh had a population of about 12,000.

In 1650, after the battle of Dunbar, the English occupied Edinburgh. However, after their departure, Edinburgh continued to grow in size and prosperity. By the end of the 17th century, the population of Edinburgh had risen to about 50,000.

Princes Street was finished by 1805 and by the early 19th century the New Town was complete. In the 20th century, Edinburgh was a city of banking, insurance, and other service industries.



Edinburgh is a great walking city and you can see lots of historical buildings and places as you enjoy a stroll.  You can also take guided walking tours or a bus tour of the city to learn more about its history from professional tour guides.

My favourite tours are:

Mercat Tours

Great tours around Edinburgh’s Old Town with enthusiastic story tellers who will tell you about the city’s rioters, rebels, torturers and murderers, and even a few ghost stories to chill your spine!  https://www.mercattours.com

The Blair Street Underground Vaults

The deepest, oldest underground vaults in Edinburgh.  You will learn about their history and the vaults are known as Edinburgh’s most famous haunted site – strange underground caverns where terrible things once happened.  Not for thefaint hearted.  https://www.mercattours.com/more-about-mercat/

Edinburgh Bus Tours

I loved my £16 bus tour (5-15 year olds go free) and learned so much about the city.  When you buy your ticket you can pop on and off the bus as often as you like.  The tour lasts about 75 minutes and a bus leaves every 15 minutes.  You can see the Palace of Holyrood House, Calton Hill, the Old Town, Edinburgh Castle and the Georgian New Town. https://edinburghtour.com

Trip 101 has suggested some of the best history tours in Edinburgh https://trip101.com/article/history-tours-edinburgh



I’m a bit of a film fan so when I walk around Edinburgh and see the historical sites, I also take note of films that are based on Edinburgh’s history or have been shot in Edinburgh.  When you next have a stroll around Edinburgh, have a look at my Facebook and Instagram pages to see more Hollywood connections!



One of the most famous films to be filmed in Edinburgh was Fast and Furious 9 on historic Victoria Street.

Fast and furious 9.png